What precisely is a good Casino Game – Online Roulette?

I often wonder if it’s an optimistic thing but I usually get consulted on any gambling question from my circle of friends.  The discussion last weekend was the assertion on what was the very best casino game – online roulette was the suggestion.   Well I’m sorry but I have to disagree – anybody who knows me won’t be surprised that roulette is undoubtedly my favourite game in virtually any form of gambling.   But I’m afraid the comparison to be in a posh casino with chandeliers, cute little waitresses and the totally unfounded feeling to be James Bond briefly, simply doesn’t equate to coming home from the bar and playing online roulette in my underwear.

To start with I’d to lay down a few rules for my friends when looking for an online gambling game to play 토토 꽁머니, with roulette – never, ever play on an American wheel.  This roulette wheel has two zeros which roughly doubles your house edge (the advantage your house has over you) it’s bad enough when you’re stuck in a casino surrounded by American roulette wheels but online you have a selection, vote together with your mouse and click away from them.

My second and essential rule to playing online roulette in a casino is don’t play when you have had too much to drink.  With these days of easy credit and plastic money it’s all too easy to have overly enthusiastic if you’re not thinking straight.  You can drunk in a club and make an idiot of yourself but get drunk when gambling and you are able to do some far more lasting injury to your financial situation.   Seriously it’s true, don’t drink a lot of if you’re gambling online in virtually any form.

My third point can also be related to money, gambling must certanly be fun – sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose but it should always be moderated.   Have a set target for winnings and losing, whenever you trigger either stop playing you’ll either have a wonderful little windfall to spend or you’ll have limited your losses.  If you carry on for hour after hour gambling in an online casino there can only be one result and that’s you losing – remember your house edge it’ll always get you in the end.

Anyway I quickly fed up with a lot of the online games, all of them are like computer simulations of blackjack, poker and roulette and frankly I could never move away from the sensation that my computer opponent has something of an advantage.   So my choice of best Casino game is online roulette but a very special version of roulette.

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