No Other Reason Than the Seasons

From one color palette to another, the casino slot Seasons paint the landscape of nature with the vibrant colours of the seasons. From enjoying summer’s Sunny Shores of summer to eating Winterberries that are growing in the winter time You’ll be able to enjoy every season to the maximum.

This Free Spins symbol, decorated in the intricate golden Olympus88 leaves of nature and will award players with free spins as well as Wilds. The Wild symbols show up as cute creatures of the season with a variety of bonuses for you to take pleasure in.

The Winter season is the perfect time to bring to the Hare Wild symbol onto your reels. When it’s cold it is always better to spend time snuggling with someone you love and the Hare is the best at this! He repeats himself across the reels, turning other pay-spin symbols into Wilds.

The Spring season is the time to awaken the sleeping Owl Wild symbol. The ogre will fly across your reels once it has substituted and pays a respin the identical Wild symbol.

The springtime season is filled with running as well as free Deer Wild symbols. The symbols blossom into Flower Wilds every time they touch them. Deer Wild symbol is touched by paws, antlers and tail. The Deer Wild symbol can expand with a cross-shape to create up to four additional Wild symbols! The summer is a truly abundant season for fun in a field of Wild flowers.

The autumn season is here to welcome the peaceful Fox Wild into your reels. The animal that is observant is waiting to offer you random multipliers ranging from 2x up to 5x! This feature can provide chances to win large prizes as do the leaves that fall off their branches!

Whatever the season, whether it’s summer or winter casino slot Seasons includes everything with Wild features! After you’ve had a experience of seasonal prizes and the extra features to offer, you’ll definitely be back to play more. Take advantage of the season and have the chance to be the winner of the jackpot prize worth $140,000 when you play the reels of the slot machine at Casino Seasons!

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