How to Accurately Amount A person’s Freelance Services

What Should I Charge?

Among the first things new writers ask is: “Simply how much should I charge for my writing?” This is often one of the very difficult questions to answer, so the very best answer I have is to tell you how I went about setting my rates.

By the Hour or By Project

As a freelance writer there will be times when you really need to charge by the hour and other times when you really need to charge by the project freelancer hire and find jobs. Both are acceptable, but something you’ll need to element in is the information when you charge by the hour. Once you know in regards to a topic, you become considerably faster at currently talking about it. In this case maybe you are cheating yourself out of money when you bill by the hour.

On another hand, there’s also those customers that feel safer once they pay by the hour than they do by the project. Who knows why? They may just feel just like they obtain the project done faster. At any rate, you must figure out how to please both your web visitors and yourself when it comes to the little issue.

Find Hourly Rates Charged by Employers

In the event that you write for a copywriting firm it might help to get what they charge each hour or what your employed hourly rate is. You might be able to obtain this information form your old HR department. Including any benefits paid to you like retirement benefits, and insurance premiums. This would be your kick off point as a freelance writer, if you are truly a novice and changing into the career, then $100 an hour or so may possibly not be your kick off point and you may want to go only a little lower.

Per Project

Once you have a concept of what your hourly rate is then you can estimate your per project fee based in your hourly rate and how several hours you estimate the project will take. Determine how long it goes to complete each project and what types of writing projects you wish to undertake, whether these be Newsletters, website content, web articles or eBooks.


Adjusting your rates is really a standard practice of all freelance writers. You will need to analyze your rates about every 3 to 6 months to be sure they’re as much as your writing standards.

For Those Starting at the Bottom

For people who’ve no experience or employment in writing, you can’t expect to make super high rates. You need to get experience and for that you will need to start out low at about your average $7 to $10 and then you can work your path up.

What you will need is a thorough program to assist you find out about freelance writing. There are many great resources on the internet. A number of them have tools and software, along with advice to greatly help take your freelance writing business to the top.

If you wish to learn more about freelance writing and discover the very best online resource go to You will discover tools for finding paid writing projects, software for managing jobs, and resources for learning how exactly to make the most money from freelance writing. It is a one-stop shop.

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