5 Best Water Sports Activities in Safaga


Safaga is a lively city bordering the Red Sea on the East. This coastal city has major attractions like resorts, boutiques, museums, recreational facilities, movie theatres, restaurants, and bars. Many of the activities to indulge within may include diving, birdwatching, sightseeing, boating, canoeing, cycling, hiking, snorkeling, and many more. The town has an estimated public of 40,900 dwellers and it’s widely referred to as a favorite tourist destination for tourists from all around the planet. Visitors can have a look at locations like Palm De Soma, Tubia Island, Jazirat Safajah, Sentido Palm Royale Reort Soma Bay, along with many more. Read below for more home elevators the most effective items to complete in Safaga, Egypt. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in safaga.

  1. Freedom Divers SAFAGA

Enjoyment to welcome one to Safaga on the Red Sea within the center of Egypt. You can get the absolute most information regarding your leisure activity in this informative article (diving). Since 02-01-07 the independence diver center is in German Egypt’s hands. Salem Express, Panorama Riff, or possibly Abu Kafan is a number of the favorite dive sites around Safaga. In addition, you can make trips to Abu-Dabab or Elphinstone with us. Also in just a hundred km, you can watch sting, turtles, and dugongs rays.

2 Dive In Soma Bay

Safaga or Port Safaga is a tiny town situated on the coastline of the Red Sea. This tiny port is, additionally, one of the very most crucial locations in Egypt which brings a lot of visitors all around the year. This particular location is quite well known as you will discover a lot of water sports activities which can be savored by travelers.

For anyone diving lovers, it’s a great spot to own diving. Different kinds of Daily diving and PADI programs are created available here that provide you with the most effective of the underwater athletics in Egypt adventure you will recall for life. Several photo tournaments can also be organized at the Bay in that you can take part. The current presence of many advanced plunge centers in Soma bay causes it to be simple for travelers to enjoy this location on the best.

3 Snorkelling And Scuba Diving

Once you would like to delight in the underwater paradise of Egypt well 1 of the best locations that you’ve to go to isSafaga. All the resorts in this place are positioned on the coastline of the Red Sea as well as say not past an acceptable limit faraway from top scuba and snorkelling diving sites. You have to start a motorboat visit to Tiran Island or possibly Ras Mohamed National Park for top knowledge.

The diving websites in Safaga  such as Scorpion diving in Sharm is certainly considered as among the most effective diving locations across the globe. The Coral reef development in Safaga is among the best in the complete planet.

4 Felucca Ride

Enjoy the Felucca ride with the Nile River! You will undoubtedly be ordered from your own hotel with this ride. Enjoy the amazing ride in a Egyptian boat over the Nile River and then take pleasure in the river breeze for a loosening up ride around Elephantine Island. In reality, Felucca ride also provides you with a visit to Botanical Gardens. Such rides are frequently for private tours.

5 Dolphin House And Banana Boat Ride

Dolphin House makes the dream arrive at feel that’s true for all of the dolphin lovers that need to swim together with the dolphins. You will discover various tour planners who you can choose. They will pick you in area for a tour from the hotel of yours and after having a forty-five minutes ride, they help you move with the Dolphin House. Enjoy being very near nature where you are in a position to see different varieties of water species while exploring the bright waters of the Red Sea.

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